Urban Myths: An exploration of urban dance in nature by Emma Vernon-Harcourt

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In spring/summer 2019 I made a film as part of Urban Myths, a research and development project funded by the Arts Council and supported by South East Dance. The premise was, “Can urban movement emerge from and resonate with the natural landscape?” The research project followed the process of the creation of a site specific digital work, exploring a range of urban movement styles. I worked with filmmaker Zoe Manders and dancer/choreogapher Munya Muchati to research, develop and create. Alongside the movement we worked with sound artist, Jon Clark, to develop a soundtrack balancing hip hop and natural elements. Costume by Claudia Cherett, make up by Lydia Pankhurst & team and additional camerawork by Richard Manders, producing by powerhouse Lucy Smith, all things on location made smooth by production manager Simon Booth, cuddles from 8 week old Solomon Manders and our beautiful Sussex location courtesy of Pepperscoombe Farm and the Wiston Estate. Many thanks to my brilliant mentors, JP Omari, Anne Colvin, Elon Hoglund & Tentacle Tribe & Becky Edmunds.

The Urban Myths project will be developed in 2020 with plans for a second film and a participatory project. The current film is available for screenings and workshops/discussion forums.

Urban Myths

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