Resourcing the Internal Infrastructure: Reflection on Creative Enquiry with Cai Tomos

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Resourcing the Internal Infrastructure: Reflection on Creative Enquiry with Cai Tomos, supported by the Pebble Trust Flourish Bursary

Thanks to South East Dance and the Pebble Trust Flourish Bursary, in autumn 2017, I was able to spend a day of creative enquiry with Cai Tomos.

I wanted to work with Cai to explore how a creative, somatic practice could underpin the development of my company, Rounded Rhythm, not just in terms of its creative projects, but also its infrastructure and organisational culture.

Rounded Rhythm had reached a point where the number and range of our projects had rapidly expanded and I was considering registering as a charity to make the company’s infrastructure more robust. At the same time I felt that my focus was being increasingly pulled away from creativity.

With Cai’s guidance and expertise in somatic practice, I was able to immerse myself fully in my own movement, for the first time in long time – rather than facilitating other dancers. I was able to drop deep into the wisdom of the body, getting quiet and able to listen to its intuition and guidance – things which had been often getting drowned out by my ‘conscious’ brain!

Some important themes arose: the balance between stillness and movement and understanding when each should take priority; how to resource the internal infrastructure – stopping to pause and allow space for the wisdom of the body to tell its message and inform next steps. Starting from the inside out and allowing flow rather than force.

In time spent talking and reflecting with Cai following movement, writing an drawing, I was able to recognise/remember that this internal infrastructure is as important, if not more so, than the external structures and organisation of the company. The day allowed me to come back to a creative centering that is the pivotal point of all development of my work as an artist and with Rounded Rhythm as a company.

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