Lîla Dance- My Bit: Developing the App

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What is My Bit?

My Bit is the first outdoor work by Lîla Dance in partnership with South East Dance. The work will explore current and relevant issues about Post Brexit Britain on the streets of Britain. Abi Mortimer received Flourish funding from South East Dance to explore the possibility of developing a mobile phone app that interacts with the live work.

My Bit makes reference to space, boarders and ownership. But it also refers to looking after our own, taking care of what is important to us in a world that leaves us increasing doubtful and uncertain. It is about locating the personal inside the socio-political and asserting the individual within societies driven by strong political agendas. It is also about exploring the person behind the vote and empathising with the person affected by the vote.

The work will feature a multicultural cast (double casted) who pitch up and claim a small piece of land, on which the work will take place. The material will explore Lîla’s trademark aesthetic of generating intricate athleticism and partnership work in small spaces. Through the physical and verbal dialogue of the two dancers we wish to construct a tale that keeps the personal and the political in balance, strung together by humour and physicality. We intend to dissect stereotypical thinking and dismantle broadly held social views surrounding issues on race, gender, sexual orientation and socioeconomic class through the telling of personal stories. Whilst this work will explore our differences we also wish to celebrate what connects us to create a work suitable for families and all age ranges.

We intend to carry out extensive research through interviewing people of Britain of all different cultures, heritage and descents. We want to understand how people identify with our country, what post-brexit (could) mean for them personally. We want to understand their hopes and fears, their history and their future as a British citizen. We want to understand how they hope/ intend to look after their bit. We will work with a Dramaturg Nick Walker in using the verbatim responses from interviewees as influential material for developing a script for the work. We will also consult with comedian Ahir Shah on developing the humour within the text and finding satire to the political dimensions (A skill by which he has received national critical acclaim for his show Duffer).

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