A collective reflection on dramaturgy – edited by Janine Fletcher

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700 533 The Red Line

The climbing frame signalled that I was almost at the watchful, guiding, overseeing eye. Steep stairs took me on a brutally honest journey behind the curtain.

Martin invited us to ask what is this about?

I feel my brain working…be conscious and unconscious. This image comes to mind; planting various mirrors within the situation.

One of my fellow travellers frames it as midwifing the situation.

Questions, like a low hanging mist, interrupt my (e)motions; the inescapable questions of performance, the questions of making.

It was all about trust and transparency.

Martin invited us to lead people through actions.

I feel my brain working…embodied knowledge reacting to the world around us. This image comes to mind; overlaying the marks left by their feet.

One of my fellow travellers negotiates with how that changes things ‘in the room.’

The air filled with the traces of bodies. They remind you to care about a human being as well as a human doing.

It was all about the spaces in between structure.

Martin invited us to meditate on the maintenance of our practice.

I feel my brain working…navigate and distill. This image comes to mind: giant shoes with tangled laces.

One of my fellow travellers asks what keeps reappearing?

Negotiate yourself: be aware of how personal themes come through, and what they offer, and when to hold them back.

It was all about the maintenance of frames and relationships.

Martin invited us to test our own practice.

To see from every part of the room.

To speak.

To question.

To be midwives, art teachers and audiences. Photographers and toolboxes. Collaborators and collecturers.


In the spirit or our TEST weekend, the words above have been taken from posts written by the other participants. I have re-ordered their words to create my own reflection.

Sometimes using what already exists can be useful.

The thought that stuck with me from the weeked: doing as thinking

Here are some of the online tools that Martin Hargreaves used in the workshop – you might find them useful:

http://everybodystoolbox.neta great place for tasks / exercises

http://www.ubu.coman avant-garde archive

I was intrigued by Richard Serra’s Hand Catching Lead: http://ubu.com/film/serra_lead.html

The image I have used for this post is from Hand Catching Lead by Richard Serra

Thanks to Janine Harrington, Chris Nash, Louise Katerega, Beatrice Benedek, Monsur Mansoor, Paul Hughes, Maud Lannen and Miranda Laurence for their words.

Richard Serra Hand Catching Lead

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