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Katie Dale-Everett Dance, Associate Artist at The Point and Studio Wayne McGregor QuestLab Network Artist has spent the last 6 months creating work whilst also questioning how they make work with others. 

Collaboration has always been of interest to the company, with them believing it generates more possibilities and better informed work. Since conception in late 2015 we have worked with a number of dancers, composers, a costume designer and dramaturgs during small periods of creation. All collaborators have worked towards an idea defined, funded and managed by Katie Dale-Everett Dance. Although creating well received works enjoyed by multiple demographics of audiences across the South, Katie Dale-Everett Dance have been questioning whether this is the most effective form of collaboration or are there alternatives that can produce more integrated and successful collaboration? 

For our next collaboration with Artist Alex Peckham we will be testing the Weave Collaboration as taught by Ghislaine Boddington during the QuestLab Network Residency. This method is set up to balance equality between all makers so that decisions and creativity are truly made together. It generates a co-authorship, a joint responsibility and a space for open innovation. Through utilising this process Katie Dale-Everett Dance hopes to develop new ways to listen, learn and open up processes, whilst also being able to celebrate the unique specialism each person in the collaboration brings to the process. 

To find out more about The Weave process please visit bodydataspace.net 

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