Welcome to The Red Line

If you are involved in making performance – as a choreographer, maker, dramaturg, producer or performer – then this is the place for YOU.

THE RED LINE is the brainchild of South East Dance’s Dramaturg in Residence Lou Cope and is inspired by the French phrase ‘le fil rouge’ (which is used to describe the ‘common thread’ that runs through the heart of a show,
or in this case – a making process).

 A place to spark dramaturgical thinking as you experience the preparation, making and presentation of performance work.

A place to blast open the studio doors
delve into the how, rather than the what
reveal process, rather than ideas
share and learn

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Featured Video

An introduction to The Red Line by Lou Cope, South East Dance’s Dramaturg in Residence


This section of The Red Line is all about what you do before rehearsals begin.
What is the preparation process like for you?

How do you begin?
Where do your ideas come from?
How much, or how little, do you know on Day 1?
How do you prepare – alone, or with someone?
What does R&D mean to you?
What do you do outside of the studio?


This section of The Red Line explores what happens during rehearsals.
As we all know, it can be the best and worst of times.
What is the making process like for you?

Do you have a methodology or is every process different?
Is there a part of the process that you particularly enjoy, or feel particularly good at?
What mistakes do you most often make?
How do you adapt to different styles of performers?
How do your works get structured?
How do you get through blocks/over hurdles?
How do you get feedback on what’s developing?

How To Get Involved

We invite you to get stuck in and make use of this site.
Use it to ask questions, get advice, share your thoughts and get a glimpse into the secret worlds of other artists, dramaturgs and makers.
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This section of THE RED LINE is about show time:
how to give your work to an audience and how to
articulate it.
What is the presenting process like for you?

How do you cope with technical and dress rehearsals?
How do you prepare performers for performance?
How do you feel about articulating what it is you have made?
How do you gather feedback, and what do you do with it?
How much does your work change by being repeatedly performed?
Do you always, or ever, like your work?

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Urban Myths: An exploration of urban dance in nature by Emma Vernon-Harcourt

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Reflections of Touch – George Fellows & Nick Lawson (Four Hands)

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