TEST – Martin Hargreaves workshop on… Dramaturgy? by Maud Lannen

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150 150 The Red Line

Martin’s workshop was super challenging – the risk taking inherent to improvisation, the impossibility of fulfilling any given task well and the never quite grasping their purpose anyway , combined with the yearning to seduce and let yourself be seduced was always intrinsically part of Martin’s scores (see also everybodystoolbox.net). I felt curious, willing, scared, sometimes (often!) terrified, amazed, exhilarated, confused, engaged, disengaged, frustrated, amazed again… I came away feeling physically exhausted not because of having performed strenuous pirouettes and other gravity defying step but my (e) motions had been intensely worked upon bringing to the fore the inescapable questions of performance – the question of making, relationships/desire and value.


Chill, milk, 123, to to to to

Shoes not to wrong, not to right

To offer, to offer nothing, to be

Conscious, to be unconscious, a portal

Zoom in, retell, zoom in,

Zoom in

I am, enter, interrupt, a topperwear dish

Standing builder

Delicious 30% renewable

Mond-Sat 8am-6pm

GIANT shoes, tangled laces,

Power is knowledge, Power is knowledge

To navigate and to distill

Pain in the ass


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