Some thoughts from Lucy Bennett, on presenting work

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How you feel about articulating what it is you have made?

In my head – fine, out loud – nervous

Do you keep developing the work once its premiered? How?

Yes – I never stop! The dancers have described me as a constant gardener. I love to watch things evolve, as the work matures you notice new blossoms and want to cut back on other stuff to share a new beauty that a dancer has found.

How much does your work change by being repeatedly performed?

Every performance is different. There are two reasons for this; the dancers own the work and so therefore find places to grow into the work and secondly because we are an inclusive company there are a few more performance variables that we have to contend with. Having said this we all love this aspect of inclusive work as it keeps the work fresh and alive.

Do you always like your work?

Not all of it all of the time.

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