This section of The Red Line is all about what you do before rehearsals begin.
What is the preparation process like for you?

Looking over my notes by Funmi Adewole

I went to the park to look over my notes from the TEST workshop. I found the way Lou led us through thinking about the stages of creating work; prepare, make, present, very useful. So was the conversation. I was in the company of several experienced artists who gave a lot of thought to whatever…

On the strategy of a Dramaturg

Filippo Romanello (Grace Surman, Tim Lenkiewicz, Evangelia Kolyra) discuss strategy when working as a Dramaturg – starting by identifying an artist’s need.

On self-dramaturgy…how do you do it?

Funmi Adewole and Annie Lok discuss the birthing process of making new work and how to practice self-dramaturgy… (Grace Surman and Tim Lenkiewicz )

A workshop in Dramaturgy – Tim Lenkiewicz’s response

An excerpt from Tim Lenkiewicz’s response to South East Dance’s TEST dramaturgy workshop on 16 & 17 June 2016: I realise having done this workshop that developing the dramaturgy and imagining how the form and content of a performance can bring this to life is the part of the creative process that I find most…

Charlotte Vincent on ideas – Extended

Charlotte Vincent on finding ideas, emotional triggers, preparation outside of the studio and management infiltrating the artistic process.

Ben Duke on research

Ben Duke speaks about the expectations versus the realities of the research process.

Lucy Bennett reflects on the preparatory stages of creating work

Where do ideas come from? Ostensibly my dreams and the dancers in the company – some of whom I have worked with for over 10 years. Often the dancers appear in my dreams and when in and out of the studio I spend a lot of my time observing their relationships, behaviour and reactions. Sometimes…

Anja Meinhardt on obstacles and triumphs within the preparatory stages of making work

CONVERSATIONS throughout the process have been brilliant and incredibly fruitful, and of those we had many. Due to only 3 weeks available rehearsal time and other logistical challenges, we weren’t able to spend as much time in rehearsal together as we would have liked, but instead had several conversations over a cuppa tea and picked…

Tom Roden on the many aspects of a maker

Tom Roden attended the Test Weekend in September 2015, as part of South East Dance’s Dramaturg in Residence programme. Here he reflects on the many aspects of a maker.   A reflection on my TEST experience….. I am a writer thinker dancer director maker comedian teacher artist choreographer doer responder critic friend performer actor mentor…

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