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640 381 The Red Line

i brought images with me, mainly the midwife and the mirrors

i like to think about midwifing the situation

i like to think about planting various mirrors within the situation

i realise again that i work in images

i realise that a lot is familiar, intuitive, and i also want to think differently to that

my instagram account was already inside.eye

the pain of authorship

sometimes the play and the language are obvious and we all arrive to the same place in it

it was pointing there anyway

it was all about authorship, frames, relationships

unusually i have a name-twin in janine

i notice that and think it through the weekend

i think about symbols and what they refer to

i wonder about the specific relationships between dramaturgs and the artists

case study maybe


paul and i have a lot of fun

i feel my brain working so well

happily in the kitchen

beyond tired

everyone commits to what we are doing, and often we don’t know what that is, but something unasked gets answered through doing



i over-use the word partition; i thought about back-up and storage but didn’t share that part

the word promiscuous was available, martin said it maybe three times

i enjoyed the arrival at my pen, of this phrase: everyone in the audience a partner

(everyone in the audience a partner)

everyone in the audience a partner.

everyone in the audience a partner?

everyone in the audience a partner!

:everyone in the audience a partner

everyone in the audience a partner=

+everyone in the audience a partner

*everyone in the audience a partner

#everyone in the audience a partner

everyone in the audience a partner/

everyone in the audience a partner

i think about how, for me, it is all in relationship(s) and that doesn’t really happen in the abstract

the concept of the cat in the studio that i invented when i was working with thomas

i wonder if that idea can carry over or if it was just for his situation

and when to hold back and when to add more

like salt

like words

and how it all starts with the ground of-

and how sometimes all i can do is-

and how sometimes all is needed to begin is-

to give attention:

be/ with*

and what theo said about having mothers in the room

(theo was not in this room)

and how miranda talked about her availability and being with the thing when she was with it, and then leaving that when she wasn’t

how this is also something i recognise in dynamics i’ve had in others’ works, how it maybe then gets the best of me

the care of other people’s children as a structure


noticing how personal themes come through

and what they offer

and when to hold them back

and more, obviously

*i stole this combo from shannon

people, some who weren’t in the room: paul hughes/ martin hargreaves/ janine fletcher/ miranda laurence/ thomas dupal/ theo clinkard/ shannon stewart

janine harrington


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