Ladies and Gentleman —- The Red Line by Elizabeth Mischler

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Today we launch The Red Line.  We are asking you – artists, creators, dramaturgs, makers – to share what you do, how you do and why you do what you do.  This is an invitation for ideas, consideration, interrogation and hopefully inspiration to keep fuelling your own and others’ creative spark.  I believe this to be open, vulnerable and generous… I am grateful to you for sharing personal and intimate insight into what you do as an artist.

So here it is – a website that we hope will be able to capture that which is so often impossible to explain.  A website that might offer you a glimpse into a process that could help you finally push through a stumbling block.  A website that captures process and ingenuity and artistry.

Lou, Benji, Maddy, Rowena and I have Prepared, we’ve Made and now we find ourselves at Present. But….

Will The Red Line work?
Will artists use it?
Will anyone care?
Will artists actually believe it is for them?
Will artists take the time to share what they really do?
Will it be helpful?
Will it crash?
What have we forgotten?

We shall find out.  Fingers crossed.
Ladies and Gentleman ——

TRL red crayon

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