I, We, You

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I am trying to keep this reflective
I am trying to keep this open
I am trying to keep this an evolving process.


I am trying not to judge the initial thoughts that surface
I am trying not to get to the end as quickly as possible
I am trying not to think about the product.


I am trying to get out of my own way.


I am trying these things both here and now
I am trying these things in my physical practice.


I am aware my muscles move with a fast twitch
I am aware my muscles lead and initiate
I am aware of my physical habits.


I am exploring taking my time and taking up space
I am exploring how my muscles can stop and my skeleton can start
I am exploring beyond my physical habits.


We practiced noticing
We practiced layering
we practiced practicing.


You supported me to challenge my own rhythm
You encouraged me to move without judgement
You assisted my body to be as curious as my mind.


You suggested I remove the perfect conditions
You reassured me I am always enough
You asked me to feel my own weight and force.


You challenged me to grapple with what I thought was unachievable.


I’ve written this reflection as a response to my time working with Stephanie McMann and Antonia Grove.  I had one-to-one movement based mentoring sessions with Stephanie and Antonia to help me broaden the spectrum of dance language I use within my work as a choreographer / performer.


The sessions have supported me as I begin to re-frame and expand the movement territory I work in.  This work with Stephanie and Antonia, alongside my continued work with dramaturg Sue MacLaine, is enabling me to consider that perhaps some of what I have learnt / done up until now is no longer serving me.  And if it’s no longer serving me, it’s time to let it go.  It is time to explore some different methods, time to forge some different paths.

By Janine Fletcher

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