Inevitability of Change by Fin Walker

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I worked with a dramturge over a 2 week period on research for IOC. It was invaluable having a dramaturge present for the duration of the project. Why?

Each Day Claire Macdonald reflected all she had experienced throughout the day back to me. How?

Through words written and sporadic, formulated in the moment upon reflection of her own experience of what had gone before.

Claire was also invaluable as a sounding board. How?

I verbalised my thoughts both conscious and semi-conscious. The latter being the most revealing. Why?

Because they are unformed, passing words that hadn’t yet been formalised into rational thought. Vocalising words into sentences really supported process.

Without a doubt a dramaturge will be present with me throughout the making process of IOC in April of next year.

I am very grateful to South East Dance for their continued and valued support. Thank you.

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