Dramaturgy workshop thoughts by Chris Nash

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I attended the recent Test dramaturgy workshop at Dance4 with Martin Hargreaves primarily as a way of re-affirming my own practice (which it definitely did). What I also gained from the weekend was a re-enthusing for creativity and a re-discovery of its value, of its importance in seeing and reacting to the world around us. Martin invited us to respond to ideas around dramaturgy in a variety of different ways, all of which elicited intriguing and thought provoking responses from the group. One request (spend 3 mins making a drawing) followed a 15 min meditation on workspaces and prompted this image. I’ve tweaked it a little bit in photoshop, but only by overlaying the same original drawing many times, which seemed appropriate.

The instruction was to think about the kind of place/space where you create work and what I thought about was all the dance studios and rehearsal spaces that I have photographed dancers in, all basically the same, all super-imposed on one another and all filled with the movement of thousands of dancers from so many sessions over so many years. And the floor was filled with the marks left by their feet and the air was filled with the traces of their bodies, like a low hanging mist. And although I couldn’t picture myself physically in this multi-layered space, I could see from every part of the room and so I seemed present in every molecule.


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