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TEST Nottingham- Louise Katerega Creative Reflections

“Whoever wants to understand must play much” – Gottfried Benn “Almost all creativity involves purposeful play” – Abraham Maslow I went to TEST Nottingham, looking for answers to questions that…

Test by Beatrice Benedek

Having participated at the TEST workshop earlier this month I’ve been thinking and reflecting on what I took with me after the end of it and for some reason it…

Dramaturgy workshop thoughts by Chris Nash

I attended the recent Test dramaturgy workshop at Dance4 with Martin Hargreaves primarily as a way of re-affirming my own practice (which it definitely did). What I also gained from…

TEST workshop ‘Creative Reflection’

When thinking about my experience of the TEST workshop, my dramaturgical practice, and the broader discourse around dramaturgy in the UK – this image comes to mind. Hayv Kahraman (2010) Migrant…


Notebook Selfies by Monsur Mansoor during weekend of TEST: Workshop in Dramaturgy facilitated by Martin Hargreaves & co-hosted by Dance4 & South East Dance. At IC4C/Dance4 Nov 11/12 in Nottingham.