An Invitation: Inky Matter by Kimberley Harvey

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This is an invitation.

To write yourself a letter that you’ve always wanted to write…

My name is Kimberley Harvey and I am a dance artist, choreographer and teacher.

As part of South East Dance’s COLLABORATE scheme, I am working with Dramaturg in Residence, Lou Cope, to create a new solo work, entitled ‘Inky Matter’.

‘Inky Matter’ is a piece that is inspired by letters, specifically those that are unwritten or unsent, but are within us. I will be exploring how the body can ‘become’ and hold onto unsent letters – including, mapping the letters with movement; investigating paper and skin as interchangeable textures; and embodying potential themes that the letters speak about. These “unwritten” letters invite a shared discovery through movement for me (as the dancer) and with you, the audience.

Is there a letter that you have always wanted to write?
Take this opportunity to write it!

I know first hand the positive impact that writing can have. ‘Inky Matter’ will celebrate letter-writing and acknowledge how it can support our well-being and mental health.

There is no pressure with these letters.

Of course, you can write them anonymously.
Your ‘letter that you’ve always wanted to write’ could be used as part of my new solo.

It would be a privilege to receive your letter for ‘Inky Matter’ and it would be hugely valued as part of my creative process.

You can send me a letter by:

Post: South East Dance, 28 Kensington Street, Brighton BN1 4AJ
Or Email:

Please note: I will need to receive your letter by Friday 24 February 2017 for it to be part of the process of ‘Inky Matter’.

Thank you.


Image by Jonathan Hughes.

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