A note about programme notes by Filippo Romanello

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Do you want it read before the performance?



So the audience can be prepared

Then prepare them. Give it to them

But that might spoil it. What if it sets expectations that aren’t met

Well then do not set expectations


Give it at the end

That’s a cheat


Come on

Listen, do you know what the performance is about, do you want the audience to know what it’s about? If the answer to any of the above is no, then you can think of a different programme note


Well like one that you can either give and the beginning or at the end of the show, one that is a creative contribution to the performance, to the material that went into the making, the research, the questions raised, in short: one that has to do with process, not with product

I see. So plenty of text?

What you mean plenty. Whatever feels right. Take it as a work of art. Not a description of the work. There may be some of the drownings of your designers, for example, or an image, a design. A kind of mini portfolio.

Why not a description?

Oh make up your mind! You can describe what you want! But decide if it’s the product or the process. And don’t make comments about its spellbinding qualities. If it is, you should be speechless. That’s what I say.

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