9 minutos. Scriptwriting research through choreographing circus artists.

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150 150 The Red Line

9 minutes is a new piece from award-winning choreographer Jorge Crecis. For this multi-disciplinary experiment, Crecis will be creating different chapters of the same piece in different locations throughout the academic year 2018-2019, bringing together  top european institutions: studio XL (Italy) University of Malta (Malta), EDGE, RADA and NCCA (London, UK) in a mind-bending exploration of the power of being alive.

A series of intersecting stories that used dance, theatre and circus to depict the last nine-minutes of nine different characters’ lives. What would you do if you knew these were the last nine minutes of your life? Here, the audience witness nine endings that will change their perception of what it means to be alive.

In this video Jorge Crecis and A. C. Smith explains what’s the process they are following to devise the script for 9 minutes.

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